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  • User Experience Design

  • Our user experience design is world class. We pride ourselves on user-centered thinking and objective design decisions backed by research and usability testing. We ensure business and user needs are met through our elegant solutions.

  • User Interface Design

  • Staying on top of current trends, we take great joy in creating beautiful UI elements and layouts, bringing solutions to life in fully interactive prototypes, making presentations and sign-offs a pleasure.

  • Wordpress Website Design

  • With our unique understanding of UX, visual design and implementation for the right target audience, our WordPress offerings have incredible value and will speak the appropriate language to your market to meet their needs.

  • Corporate Identity Design

  • The crafting of an identity is a complex job. We have many years of experience crafting memorable and unique identities for our clients. From the logo to the styling, layout and tone  – we love making our client’s vision a reality.

Featured Projects

UX / UI Design : : :

AXIS Trading App


AXIS was a solution we designed for a client in Cape Town to solve the issue of trading with transparency and being able to communicate easily with the markets.


This application was intended to simplify the analysis and actions associated with trading on the stock markets.


A desktop web based app was created as well as a Mobile design for the platform to be fully responsive on all devices.

UX / UI Design : : :

X-Jour Travel App


X Jour is an application we designed for a client in Berlin.


This application was intended to simplify the process of booking and planning journeys as well as connecting with like-minded travelers on your journey.


A desktop web based app was created as well as a Mobile companion app that the user can access their calendars, planned trips, social connections and explore local areas as well.

UX / UI Design : : :

VIPER collaborative e-learning system

VIPER was created for Virtual Academies, a cutting edge e-learning development company. It is a coach-led experiential learning system which allows participants to work in small teams to complete real life challenges.


The system includes chat functionality, video conferencing, peer review, collaborative documents, challenges, content libraries and a succinct dashboard with all of your upcoming information.

UX / UI Design : : :

Knowhow e-learning system


Knowhow approached us to create an updated modern look and feel for their white-label learning experience.

From our experience creating the Virtual Academies “Viper” platform from scratch, we created a gamified, immersive learning experience that shows users high level data while keeping their interactive functions one click away.

We also created their marketing pages and updated their brand.

UX / UI Design : : :

City of Cape Town Contravention App

CoCT App Mockup

We were tasked to take charge of the user experience design and user interface for the City of Cape Town’s new Contravention App.


Used by officers across Law Enforcement, Metro Police, Traffic and Fire and Safety. This app was designed to digitise the process of administering a contravention to a member of the public.


The solution speeds up the process of giving the ticket by using geo-location, ID and License scanning, and sends evidence and details directly to the servers.


We handled the entire product process, Ideation, Wireframing, Usability Research, Hi Def prototypes and presentation to stakeholders.


Unfortunately due to confidentiality clauses we are not able to share any prototype or further detail. 

Brand Design / WordPress website : : :

Elevate AirBNB Management

Elevate is a luxury AirBNB management company that entrusted us to create their corporate identity and develop their wordpress website with special attention to the user experience design .

They wanted a slick and modern logo which we iterated over 4 initial options into 2 revert packages and decided on the current version in varying palettes.

The website was for marketing and creating leads. We used a one page layout to display their product offering and show social proof of their work.

WordPress website : : :

Knowhow Systems e-learning solutions

Having handled the user experience design and user interface for their learning solution, Knowhow approached us to handle the marketing site for their new offering: Knowhow systems.

From here they will offer solutions to manage employees from talent management to on-boarding to performance monitoring.

We kept the look and feel modern and minimal with dark backgrounds and light neon colour accents.

WordPress Website : : :

Urban Playground website

Asset 1@2x

The new restaurant from Executive chef Peter Ayub wanted to have a street culture centered design language centering around skating and graffiti to mirror the urban-style high-end street food his restaurant prepares.

We utilised these themes as well as shots provided to create that aesthetic and keep the tone playful yet sofisticated.

Brand Design : : :

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